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Respect each other

I take respect very seriously. What does respect look like to me? Asking consent, communication of needs, being on time, being paid when it is expected, being curious, being aware of each others time and limitations. 

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Be Professional

If we are working together it is in hope that we are clear minded. This means no drinking or doing drugs on set, during the shoot, performance, dress rehearsal, planning meetings etc.  During meeting or while we are recording, electronics should be for professional use and not a distraction. Phones are on silent for example.

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Read, Agree and Sign 

It is important to read and agree to the contractions before going forward with a service, project, performance or product. If there is something you or I don't like in each others contracts but still want to work together then we need to write up a new contract for us. 

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For Wellness Services 

When I work with people one on one, what we do and talk about stays between us. I know that with yoga for example a lot of feelings get stirred and you might want to talk about something very personal or embarrassing to you. I DO NOT, share anything outside of our sessions without permission. 

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Selling artwork, prints etc

If I am paying you or you are paying me for photos, art, videos etc it needs to be clear in the contract what those photos, art, videos etc will be used for. Personal use is different then commercial and thus the compensation is different. If you buy for personal and want to use it for commercial later, please contact me and we can talk about it. 

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Filling up a schedule with gigs, shoots etc takes a lot of planning and moving pieces. Canceling last minute is not ok. Yes if there is an emergency I understand. But unless it's an act of nature or your puking your guts out it will effect if I will work with you again. For certain services or shoots I will still expect to be paid. To learn more about cancellation policy check my rates page. 

Professional agreements

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