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Raising Money for Grad School

You would think that the USA government would make it so that school is free from those entering service professions...sadly this is not the case. Thus as a future art therapist in California, it would be wonderful if I could just focus on helping our community rather than having anxiety around student debt. You can help make that a reality for me.

Ways to Help

Direct Donation

Direct donations make a huge difference thank you for your help.

Boost my self esteem by loving my my artwork, or digital downloads/printable

Hire Me 

I am a holistic life coach, and yoga teacher. 

Learn more Here


Bring Traffic to this site and my events

Take a class with me where I teach online and in person.

I am currently Teaching yoga at Vertex in person.

Check here for my online class schedule.

Write a Review

Reviews and Testimonials help others see how much your benefiting from my art, products, educational sharings and services. Spread the love.

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Funds Raised So far 

Full Break Down of loans v.s funds raised in (art sales, scholarships, working, etc)

Learn More About my Program

I am getting my Masters in Master of Arts in Art Therapy (MAAT, MAATA) From Dominican University

Cost of Attendance 

Here is my budget (Link Coming Soon)

Blog Post about the realities of Living with Chronic Health Conditions as a student (Coming Soon)

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