Q1. What’s your definition of spiritual; meaning, is it that emotion decides your behavior? or you believe there’s a god that is in charge of everything of everyone?

A: I believe in quantum physics. I believe in the ancients of the shared laws of many 30+ cultures from the Incas, Egyptians, North Native Americans, Yogies, Greeks like Pluto etc.

Everything is probability, and vibration. We are co creators in our own worlds within a collective consciousness network, thus the wold of the universe.

Peace is the vibration of unconditional love, complete understanding. Appreciation and allowance of all that is. Peace is our natural state. We live in this state when we have a clear mind not wavered by distractions.

To live life by choice, we can evolve at the rate in which is best for us by choosing how often we are in the present and therefore choose to do what best serves us. In which what best serves us serves all for the more we are in the monument the flow of all consciousness do we make decisions that best bring wellness to all.

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