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Figure it Out

Aloha lovely models and artists, and welcome to my blog. I will talk about Psychology, fine arts, figure drawing and figure modeling here.

As a figure model and now artist who does a lot of figure art I have so many things I am dying to share. The Do's and Don'ts of how to model, how to treat a model, how to work with a model, how to improve your figure drawing and more.

I will be using my own art or photographs, drawings of myself as a model in examples and am happy to comment on others work if you submit it.

5 minute drawing of a model by Misted Forest

I will also write about art therapy in this blog. As I am starting my journey to becoming an art therapist I will have a lot to share. I might even share some things I learned in my first grad attempt at Naropa, I did a whole year after all.

I have written a couple of blogs over the years starting at age 13 when Tumbler first became a thing.

But something feels different about this blog. Maybe because it's connected to my dream and life purpose. To change the world for the better through art.

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Sparkles and joy,

Misted Forest

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