Dance and movement art 

Misty has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Her movement history includes martial arts, ice skating, yoga, hiking, and gymnastics. 


Her passion in life is spreading consent culture through partner dance. She dances blues, swing, salsa, tango and fusion. 


List of training and performances

Acting and improvisation

Improv comedy is one of the purest forms of acting. In the moment, listening to the fellow actors, and audiences reactions, the stage, the props, everything is a vehicle for birthing life in the room. 


Misty got started with Think Fast improv in Hawaii and continued with Blue Blanket in Half Moon Bay. She currently in musical theater training at SF State and is teaching and performing in the SFSU improv club.

Voice and poetry 

I sing jazz, rock, and soul. I rap and do spoken word. I have classical voice training and experience performing at open mics, and college shows. Currently I'm in Musical theater and voice training at SFSU. 

Modeling and still art 

I have been modeling since age 18. I started figure modeling in 2013 with the Palo Alto Models Guild. I enjoy figure and fantasy/conceptual modeling the most. I have done runway, fashion, and product focused as well. 


Kapiolani Community College Hawaii

Associates of Liberal Arts with a 2nd Language teaching Certificate 

College of San Mateo

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certificate 

Rise Teen Yoga Certification 

Skyline College

Courses in consciousness, dance taiji and aromatherapy 

San Francisco State University

perusing a BA in psychology and a minor in dance and sex studies 

Hiring Information

Rates: Depends on location and amount of hours. Tips are always appreciated. I usually will only take gigs that are at least 2 hours, exception is a gig paying $100 or more within 30 minute drive.

(note: gigs that promote a good cause , I will perform for less of a duration. Ex: I have preformed at Veg Fest twice, first time for 10 minutes the second year for an hour. )


Performing: The cost depends on the project or gig.


Teaching: For a private yoga lesson average is $70 for 70 minutes depending on travel distance. $45 an hour for dance.


Modeling: $30 an hour with a $10 discount if hired for over 4 hours. Additional charge depending on distance of travel. Certian types of shoots are more demanding and require more compensation $60-100+ 

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