"I was so sweetly impressed to arrive at the recess to find you conducting a beautiful yoga class in the lodge. Then I had the blessing to dance with you. Your presence in partnership was like entering a soothing cloud of synchronicity. I was not so much leading as being guided by your energies or other sources. After le ading and teaching partner dancing for decades this was a wonderful and unique experience that I figured I should reflect to you in appreciation and admiration. You opened a new window into the magical world of sharing rhythmic harmony." 

Bruce Beeley/Owner of LasersandLights.com & WoodHeatStoves.com

"Misty is one incredible artist. She is always eager to experiment with new concepts and will add an emotion to your photographs that will bring your art to life."

“Was in complete awe watching this!”


Dancer Pacifica, CA

“I can see your chi while you move and feel your energy when you perform."


Musician, Dancer, Vocalist from Bay Area Califonia

The photos I liked best I felt were the ones where she was in harmony with the forms and landscape around her. The fact that she is beautiful and shapely was arousing (which is enjoyable in it's own right), but I really felt invited to experience the scenes on an emotional level, not merely titillation.

And yes, taken as a whole, the sexy and the personal connection made the whole more enjoyable than either alone."

Faire Performer with

20+ years of experience

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Yes I am and I am still so proud of you finding your niche and knowing exactly what you want to do I love it and we do really need to catch up I have an few things that altered my path for the better and I miss your energy as well sweet dreams and remember you are an true beauty with an boss attitude and a spirit of an angel I will talk to you soon

Eloquent Harley Quinn

Artists, lingusit and friend

Thank you so much for sharing this 🙏🏻❤️I love your self-soothing love, your gratitude and your badass attitude. Inspiring! 👍🏻🌺

Torunn Bolstad

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"Beautiful, athletic, flexible (literally), patient, extremely pleasant personality, very hard worker. A+!"

JN Hall

Photographer in San Mateo, California

Favourites made. Misted Forest is a very good model & has a dazzling smile and you have clearly had some fun with the shoot.


Art Crtique

"Posing for artists is an art, and Misty is truly an inspiring model. She is natural and relaxed, it feels like a silent conversation that comes alive on the canvas."

Andrey Semyonov

California Fine Artist

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