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Upcoming Events

Summer Only

Learn to Organize with Misted Workshop Series Online: Coming Soon

Arts Fundraiser: Donate your unused art supplies and other supplies for low income folks receiving Art Therapy from Dominican University Graduate Students. Send Misted an Email on how to do so.


Weekly Meditation for everyone

Weekly Goal Accountability support for clients, students and blog subscribers (Online)

Yoga and Fitness Classes at Anytime Fitness Larkfield and Vertex Climbing Gym in Santa Rosa California

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Upcoming Events

  • Free Weekly Meditation
    Free Weekly Meditation
    Meditate Together
    2024年7月24日 8:00 – 8:30 GMT-7
    Meditate Together
    2024年7月24日 8:00 – 8:30 GMT-7
    Meditate Together
    Join fellow intersectional and neurodivergent folks in their quest for peace and wellness. Meditation has many benefits, but we do not access them if we never practice. A seated practice has many benefits and each week we will have a new focus. Practice with us.

Let's get Artsy 

Chronological order of shows, art sales, workshops, classes and more.

Gallery Showing

Anytime Fitness in August 2024

Art Sale

Holiday Shows in Northern California


Pilates  and Yoga at Vertex Climbing Gym 

Yoga and meditation online for members 

Vision Board Workshop- Taught Every September and January 


Graduate Art Therapy Gala January 2024

Santa Rosa Flea Market Oct 29th 2023

Turning Your Passion Into A Job: Guest Lectured at Dominican University of California Oct 2023

Sonoma County Pride 2023

Graduate Art Therapy Annual Show May 19th-June 6th 2023

Gallery showing of Not my Disorder Painting at Finley Center March-April 2023

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