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  • Advanced Learner

    Access to special blog posts, and Special Discord Events
    • Special Content posts
    • Archived posts
    • Archived poetry
    • Cheaper than a Latte
  • Wellness Students

    +$3 One time Site Fee
    This is for my wellness and fitness students to have access to special pages and contents
    • Sweet Poetry

      +$5 One time Site Fee
      A Lifetime Membership to all Misted Forest archived, and paid posts. These posts contain: Academic writings, poetry, research, invaluable wisdom, coupon codes, free online templates and tools and more
      • Includes "Are we really that complicated?"
    • Golden Wings

      This Plan is for One on One Clients to get access to their folders, plans, special blog posts, and coupon codes to get academic papers.
      • Includes "You are not your Story"
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