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"By surrendering to life we let go of control. Allowing the beautifully complex world take us on the journey that is our life."


Misted Forest 

Misted Forest (Misty) is an artist and healing movement teacher ( Trained at College of San Mateo, Skyline College, San Francisco State University and RISE Yoga for Youth and Trauma Sensitive yoga through TCTSY) .

She has  270 hours worth of  certified yoga teacher trainings in Hatha Yoga, Teen Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga. 

She also has her Bachelors in Psychology From San Francisco State and is currently working on her Masters in Clinical Psychology and Buddhist Psychotherapy.

Through Performance art she tells transformative stories and in her classes she guides students to balance their bodies and minds. Her purpose in life is to awaken and empower people to heal themselves through Psychology, somatic healing and spirituality. She educates the public on mental health in hopes to end stigma and is most known for her work with the neurodiverse community.

Through her own healing journey of chronic fatigue, depression, ADHD and PTSD she has found body positivity, meditation and self love to be some of her biggest tools for recovery. If you want to learn yoga from someone who gets it, look no further.



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Creator of Misted Forest Yoga and Mindfulness Services and Products 

My Life through photos 

Timeline of my journey to the true self

Oct 2018-Aug 2019

Feb 2016-Sept 2017

June 2015- Aug 2016

Jan 2011-Dec 2013

Sept 9th 2019

Oct 2019-Dec 2020


I am building a community for all brains to get the support and care they need. I am teaching classes, workshops and building courses for empowerment safety and self care. 

I am getting ready for my new journey to Naropa University started the fall

I have also been practicing Japanese diligently hoping to one day offer this information in Japanese as well. 

After years of being a figure model I decided to learn to draw the figure. I trained in weight training and  became a T.A for Santa Rosa Junior College. I also started my YouTube Channel and resumed teaching via online. 

I pushed to find a cure for my chronic fatigue. I finally found a competent healer at Rejuvenation and Wellbeing. During this time I also discovered I had been living with untreated ADHD or (VAST). Thus begun learning everything I could about it and neurodiversity. Hiring coaches and taking courses.

I got Married to my now Husband 

We took our honeymoon to Maui and explored art. 

In my last semester I taught a Divine Yoga Studio in San Francisco, and subbed for classes a week at the colleges gym. In this semester I wrote a paper about Trauma and dived deep into emotional regulation.

After graduation I feel into a deep depression, my health getting worse. I did intensive trauma therapy to deal with my unresolved C-PTSD. 

I taught yoga and mindfulness on my own and to private clients. We practiced at beaches and parks. I also taught a series of yoga for the Jewish population at SF Hillel. I also did volunteer and internship with organizations such as The Humane League and Repair the World. 

I got my green belt in Hapkido and with a heavy heart decided school was first and stopped training. I still miss training to this day. 

I got my 50 hour Teen Yoga certification from RISE Yoga for Youth 

My chronic health issues got worse and I switched from a dance major at San Francisco State University to Psychology with a focus on sex and gender studies. Which turned out to be a perfect decision. 

I start my journey as a yoga teacher

 First at Blues Recess, Big Sur —  Where I taught multiple vinyasa classes to the festival community 

Then I graduated from College of San Mateo with my certification of 200 hours in Hatha Yoga ( All A's) 

I quickly taught whoever I could during this year and found a few places to teach like Arts Unity Movement in San Mateo and Powerhouse Gym in Redwood City.


During this time I trained in Taiji, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Intro to consciousness studies and Hapkido.

I moved to Hawaii to pursue asian languages and geology. I ended up getting a certification in second language teaching along with my associates degree from Kapiolani College. During this time I had hundreds of hours as an ESL tutor and a two semesters of being a teachers assistant to the ESL community. I taught children as young as 6 and adults as old as 88. 

When I first moved to Hawaii I was sexually assulted. The grief and strain of going to college while going to court pushed me to seek spirituality and creative outlets. I joined Think Fast Improv, did spoken word and comedy, got deep into my yoga practice and even when to Japan for a Buddhist conference ( there is a newspaper clipping to prove it!) 

At the age of 19 I had a spiritual awakening. I felt the forces of nature and saw our beautiful planet as if I was a satellite in and out of the Earth. It was at this moment that I was changed forever. Many more stores like this were soon to come. 

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