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Misted Forest (they/them) is a multi talented “merperson” who gracefully sprinkles fun wherever they go while fiercely advocating for all beings to transform into their greatest and most authentic selves.

Misted Forest (they/them) is an artist, wellness coach, accessibility/disability advocate and educator, and healing movement, teacher. 

" My greatest gift that I offer this world is the drive and ability of diving deep into research and experimentation, disseminating that knowledge and expressing it creatively for the general population to understand."

Misted is also getting their Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy at Dominican University.


Their goal is to become a licensed Mental Health and Art therapist. Once this is accomplished Misted would like to open up a nonprofit to help fill the gaps for neurodivergent adults who can not get disability but have support needs such as therapy, life skills training, entrepreneurship coaching and more. 

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Origin Story 

Misted learned of the human condition and suffering at a young age. When they were 19, they had a spiritual awakening that led them to study Buddhism, the Dao, and Yoga. After years of being a performance artist and yoga teacher, they knew that to help the most people; Misted would need to get an advanced degree. Misted got a chronic illness in 2016 and despite the set backs they graduated from San Francisco State with their BA in Psychology. Life after graduation was not easy, physical and mental illness plagued them and their partner. Through meditative, psychedelic journeys and therapeutic professional help Misted made the decision to return to school. 

" My purpose in life is to guide folks through their awakening journey, To empower that inner light and innate wisdom in all of us. A diamond is formed under pressure; similarly, experiencing hardship in my early years made me the resilient and compassionate person I am today, although I would never wish my past even on the worst enemies. All living beings will experience suffering, but as the Buddha and many other great sages in time have taught, we don't have to stay in a state of suffering. With practice, tools, and awareness, we can bloom out of the mud to reveal the shining pure lotus we all are in this world. We can live as our authentic selves and build meaningful and loving relationships with out fear or shame. We can live with pain and pleasure and not be swept away in the accompanying thoughts of them. As we live with our truth and authenticity guiding us with less clouded judgements, the more we can all heal our wounds through laughter and play. " Misted Forest

Through their healing journey of chronic fatigue, depression, and PTSD, they have found body positivity, meditation, and self-love to be some of their most powerful tools for recovery.

" My greatest gift is diving deep into research and experimentation, disseminating that knowledge down and expressing it creativity for the general population to understand."


Most Recent 

Currently in the M.A program in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Counseling at Dominican University

 Learn how you can help me and my peers in our graduate school journies.


Bachelor's in Psychology from San Francisco State University

Associates in Liberal Arts with a focus in Linguistics from Kapiolani College 2013


Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20 hour training

50 hour Teen Yoga from Rise Yoga for Youth 2016

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through San Mateo Community College 2015

Second Language Teaching Certificate from Kapiolani College 2013

Art Training

I was mostly self taught until about a year ago. Crazy right!?

Drawing with Color and Painting Fundamentals from UC Berkeley Extension. 

Figure Drawing one and two from SRJC

Painting, Ceramics I and Etching I at SRJC

Beginning Wheel at Petaluma Pottery

Making pigments from scratch from the Historical Artist

6 years of being a professional figure model 2014-2020 (Through Bay Area Models Guild 2014-2018)

Other intensive Trainings

Completed 2 semesters of the Masters in Counseling and Buddhist Psychotherapy at Naropa University

  • 4 weeks of intense meditation practice at Shamballa Mountain Center 

  • Classes in Counseling and Buddhist Psychotherapy

  • Daily Meditation Practice

  • An extremally lively and thought provocatively cohort 

Self Taught and work-based learning in the Wellness Feild

​Over a decade of yoga and meditation practice

Over 15 years of wellness education: wellness conferences, supplement and herbal sales, nutrition conferences, nutrition and diet trainings, vegan and animal welfare trainings 

Over 80 books listened to in the past 3 years 

Expressive Arts Experience

  • Dance Professional From 2014-2017

  • Improv Actor and Comedian 2012-2018

  • Basics in Iching Drumming from AUM

More info in this section coming soon

Download Resume to see more


Land Acknowledgment

Misted Forest recognizes that they live  and work on  Indigenous peoples lands in Sonoma County — namely the Pomo, Miwok and Wappo tribes 

Learn More about coast Miwok and Pomo Here

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