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Misted Forest and their Mission


My Dream

The hope I have with my art, and written published works is to inspire a better world for neurodivergent folks. I like to merge art and science in everything I do thus why I am pursing my Masters in Art Therapy. 


The biggest difference between those with learning and cognitive differences being successful in the world is often due to economic advantage. Let's level the playing field so that we can save the world with all the super-powered brains of the ADHDer's, Autistic, dyslexic and more. 

Download and read my presentation on why I chose to get trained in Art Therapy


Most Recent 

Staring my M.A program in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Counseling at Dominican University starting January 2023. Learn how you can help me afford graduate school.


Bachelor's in Psychology from San Francisco State University

Associates in Liberal Arts with a focus in Linguistics from Kapiolani College 2013


Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20 hour training

50 hour Teen Yoga from Rise Yoga for Youth 2016

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through San Mateo Community College 2015

Second Language Teaching Certificate from Kapiolani College 2013

Art Training

I was mostly self taught until about a year ago. Crazy right!?

Drawing with Color and Painting Fundamentals from UC Berkeley Extension. 

Figure Drawing one and two from SRJC

Painting, Ceramics I and Etching I at SRJC

Beginning Wheel at Petaluma Pottery

Making pigments from scratch from the Historical Artist

6 years of being a professional figure model 2014-2020 (Through Bay Area Models Guild 2014-2018)

Other intensive Trainings

Completed 2 semesters of the Masters in Counseling and Buddhist Psychotherapy at Naropa University

  • 4 weeks of intense meditation practice at Shamballa Mountain Center 

  • Classes in Counseling and Buddhist Psychotherapy

  • Daily Meditation Practice

  • An extremally lively and thought provocatively cohort 

Expressive Arts Experience

  • Dance Professional From 2014-2017

  • Improv Actor and Comedian 2012-2018

  • Basics in Iching Drumming from AUM

More info in this section coming soon

Noteable Volunteer and Internship Experience

More info in this section coming soon

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