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Yoga and Wellness 

Is more inclusive and fun with Misted Forest 


"Thank you so much for sharing this 🙏🏻❤️I love your self-soothing love, your gratitude and your badass attitude. Inspiring! 👍🏻🌺"

— Torunn Bolstad


Did you know that yoga and mindfulness training can help with all of the following!


There are hundreds of scientifics studies showing the stress reduction benefits of yoga and meditation


Fatigue can be caused by many issues. It's amazing how many things can cause fatigue. Breathwork, pain reduction yoga and meditation have all been shown to reduce feelings of hopelessness and severity of fatigue. 


Meditation improves our focus and or what we focus on. I always do meditation in my classes. Ask me more about it.

ADHD, Bipolar and ASD Symptoms 

Countless scientific studies have shown that things like yoga, dance, mindfulness and meditation all improve concentration by strengthening the brain. Left Hippocampus, Posterior Cingulate, Pons, and the amygdala all change with a consistent meditation practice. 

Yoga Equipment
Self Esteem and Awarness

Our sense of self directly impacts how we show up in the world. The risks we take or don't take and the choices we make. Let the power of yoga and mindfulness empower you to choose life. 

Weight Managment

Working with me, you will be surprised how much all the lifestyle changes can translate into a healthier body composition. 

Physical Pain

Correcting postural and walking imbalances and stretching over tight muscles can lead to reduction or elimination of chronic pain. There are also meditations and breathing techniques to reduce pain while in a trigger phase. 


I help students to develop their compassion for themselves, and others. We also work on self forgiveness and how that naturally leads to forgiving our enemies 


PTSD or CPTSD, and sensory defensiveness makes us feel the world is a threat. These unconscious sensations, and reactions make traumatized people feel disconnected, out of control or even feel less human. As someone who has personally healed and is still healing her own trauma I know first hand how difficult it is. Yoga, and mindful practices help us learn to be ok in the present and honor the healing process. Triggers happen and we can become more ok with experiencing and rewiring our brains from the past to the now. 


Did you ever walk into a yoga studio or a gym and feel isolated? Did you just not quite fit in? Did the teacher never really get you and your struggles? 

I felt that way too many times myself. I noticed an eletisum in many yoga studios that did not match the teachings. So I made a vow to myself:  " I will always teach with creativity and fun, I honor each student as their unique selves, and I promise to do my best so that all people feel welcome and heard." ​

My classes focus on improving brain and spinal health, as well as pain management and reduction. The way I teach is trauma and special needs informed. 


I care about each student and private client. Your wins are my wins, your losses are my losses. I will not give you toxic positivity, I will help you grow strong, by letting you be vulnerable and honest with yourself.


Let's throw away the notion that mindfulness, yoga, dance and fitness has to look or act a certain way.

Let us be the magical folks that we are!

Group Class

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My offerings are engaging and there is always something new. I can teach traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin yang, pain reduction, resorative and yin. I also teach pilaties and dance yoga fusion classes.

 Should you like to dive deeper than a group setting I work together with my clients to build a custom plan to improve on their unique problem areas and struggles to become happier, more organized and overall healthier people.


Private and small group sessions

What we can work on together

  • Brain training, and focus building,

  • Balance, coordination and posture

  • sleep hygiene and relaxation,

  • Meditation, breathing techniques and building a calmer life

  • Free expression. 

Send my a message to learn more

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All Videos

All Videos
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Meditation Series intro Video

Meditation Series intro Video

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Ankle Mobility and Strengthening in less than 20 minutes

Ankle Mobility and Strengthening in less than 20 minutes

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Triangle Pose | Beginner Yoga | How to Tutorial

Triangle Pose | Beginner Yoga | How to Tutorial

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