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Performance Art

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I was a professional improv actor and a semi professional performance artist/dancer from 2012-2017

Due to a unknown illness after going to South Korea I had to quit becoming a dancer. I had chronic fatigue nonstop until I was  treated by an herbalist in 2020 before the pandemic started. During this time I kept up modeling, but it got harder and harder to model as my body image became really negative; not being able to be an athlete anymore. After I got the covid vaccine most of my CFS came back, I again went for treatment but only saw a 15% improvement. At this point I am looking into Post-exertional Malaise and and also getting other medical treatments. 

I started to dance and sing again slowly but surely after really working on my PTSD in 2019-2020. It's been very painful, having so much of my expression suppressed by mental illness and physical illness. But through my shear will and deep surrender I have come out of that dark hole and am finding ways to express myself. Becoming at art therapist and choosing to sell my art is a testament to the mountains of self work I have done over the years. Will I perform again? I would like too.  Even if it's just one poem at a time at an open mic.

If you would like to learn about what did and didn't work on my journey to heal I will be publishing a mini book. Look out for preorders in my shop

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