Don’t appoligise for existing

Why do people say “I’m sorry” when they mean to say “excuse me, are you ok, what is your prefrence etc.” Do not appoligise for exsisiting. You deserve to take up space.

This world my friends is a collective. You are apart of a whole. You are just as important as your neighbor. You are a special and so is everyone else. It is paradox. Does that mean you are less than or greater than? No. Everyone is important and unique. Start loving yourself, or you can’t really love anyone else.

So which ever passive aggressive insecure person made you dought the light inside you…forgive them. Then forgive yourself for beleiving such stupidity. If we want to save the planet, animals, the sick and poor, we need to save ourselves as well.

Be your own super hero. And if you don’t know how, find your role models and mentors. Everyone has someone to help them. The masters have masters. Namaste,

Misted Forest

#confidence #meditation #yoga #selflove #peace #forgivness #insecure #stupid #introspection

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