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Letter to Sugar

Updated: Jul 12

Dear Sugar,

I know that you are natural most of the time. Whether you appear packaged, sprinkled, or in syrup, your molecules are always identical to sucrose and fructose. Humans don't need you to survive, but our biology craves you because you can come in handy in times of famine or starvation. Now, in the 21st century, you are very easy to come by. Too easy. Our biology can quickly crave you; I easily crave you. You are not a demon, but the cravings can make me feel like you have bewitched me. I want a better relationship with you. One where I can easily say no to temptation. One where I enjoy you as a treat instead of an everyday occurrence. When I really want you, I would prefer to eat you as nature intended, in a whole plant or fruit. It's not your fault you have been extracted and poured into unnatural amounts in society. As a whole, you are not to blame, nor am I. Those with greed saw an evil potential in you; in fact, you have been abused, too. So let's make a pact together, sugar, one where we are both respected, one where we connect as nature intended, on occasion, primarily through fruit, and if in honey or maple syrup, just a sprinkle.

Sincerely, your admirer and hater,

Misted Forest

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